Psychology Lab

Our College has a Psychological laboratory. Verbal, non-verbal and performance tests are available in the lab. The tests include Achievement Motivation, Adjustment, Anxiety, Attitude, Aptitude, Concept Formation, Creativity, Intelligence, Interest, Mental Ability, Memory, Personality, Problem solving, Reasoning Ability, Teacher effectiveness and values. Students are given practical session to familiarize themselves with various psychological tests and to attain practical skills regarding their administration, scoring and interpretation. This is helpful and useful for the students to get the details of the content and procedure of administration clearly and effectively. We have good collection of psychological apparatus which include concept formation blocks, electrical division of attention board, Electrical learning maze (Double path), Electrical mirror drawing apparatus (metal star without counter), finger dexterity board, Horizontal-Vertical illusion board with stand, mirror drawing for printed stars – Restriction of movement apparatus, Muller Lyer illusion board with stand, stop clocks and wooden screens.

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