Our Mission

At St. Joseph's we strive to align with the CMI vision of education, to inculcate the values and ideals preached and practiced by great educationists particularly our founder father St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara. Creating a very friendly and filial atmosphere, we expect our students to respect each other. A Josephite is to be hardworking, just and sincere after the model of our heavenly patron, St. Joseph, in all his/her dealings. Accordingly, we at St. Joseph's try to accept and cherish students as they are and instill in them commitment to values, enabling them to grow in the diversity of our cultural, social and religious traditions. We stimulate academic competency for the promotion of qualitative teaching-learning and research experience in the College. Encourage self-evaluation and accountability in all matters concerning the objectives of higher education. Promote holistic development of individuals through curricular activities in the campus and collaborative programmes with other institutions. Provide all possible student support to make easy progression to higher studies and useful employment.


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