Sunday, 5 August 2012


We are planning in advance!! yes, we have selected the editorial board for
JOSEPHAITZ 1O. The following students are nominated:
Ramzeena Usman Mohamed - Commerce
Jency Jose A - Malayalam
Dency Kurian - English
Arun Roy Panackal - Mathematics
Remya Raj K M - Natural Science
Manju Arjunan - Physical Science
Sefy Andrews - Social Science
Vincy P D - Social Science

These students will work with Joseph Lijohn (Student Editor) and
Fr Davis Thomas(Staff Editor)



ST. JOSEPH'S TRAINING COLLEGE Run by the Devamatha province of the CMI congregation, the college is managed by St Thomas Monastery, Pavaratty. The college had its humble beginning on 20th July 2005.


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