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Annual Report

Report of the Activities of St Joseph’s Training College during the academic year 2005-06 Submitted by the Principal Dr K. M. Santakumari on the occasion of the

College Annual Day on 8th April 8, 2006

Rev. Fr Jerome Cherussery CMI, Provincial, Respected Chief guest, Sri C.L.Jose, President Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy, Rev Fr Jacob Njerinjampilly, Manager, Rev Sr Stella Rose CMC, Principal, CKCTTI, Pavaratty, Mrs Rosy Joseph, Vice President, GTA, Sri Jince Josepaul O, Chairman, College Union, Distinguished guests My dear colleagues and students

I know listening to a college report is sometimes a boring thing at least to many of us. Never the less I am very happy to present before you this report of the activities of our college. I shall be as brief as possible.

St Joseph’s Training College, affiliated to the University of Calicut and approved by NCTE, is a self financing College run by Devamatha Province of CMI congregation and is managed by St Thomas Monastery Pavaratty. Following the motto of the college, Labor Omnia Vincit, we aim at inculcating the noble values in our students, making them hardworking teachers, who would mould the younger generations for the good of our nation. The college offers courses in Commerce, English, Malayalam, Mathematics, Physical Science, Natural Science and Social Science. We have 100 students, 11 teaching and 3 non-teachers faculty. Fr Davis Thomas is the staff advisor and Sri Babu V.J. is the staff secretary.


Rev Fr Paul Achandy inaugurated the college and the activities of the academic year 2005-06 on 21st July 2005 in the presence of the Manager, Fr Jacob Njerinjampilly, Principal Dr K.M. Santhakumari, Faculty, students, parents and well-wishers. Felicitations were offered by Sri E.A. Thomas the principal of our Higher Secondary School and Sri A.L.Sebastian the Head Master of L.P School Pavaratty. The next day was the Vidyarambham day. We had a special prayer service with readings from the holy books of different religions. The staff and students took the pledge with lighted candles in their hands to go forward in the light of God.

Thought for the Day

Our Regular day starts with the morning prayer and thought for the day. Something special to the training colleges, the thought for the day programme gives chance to the student teachers to express themselves on different subjects making them capable of guiding their future students

Students Union

Our student teachers are to be the leaders in their future school situations. In order to give leadership training and to coordinate different activities of the college, the students Union was elected. The following are the office-bearers of the students union.

Chairman Jince Josepaul O

Vice Chairman Jolly P.J.

General Secretary Arathi G.

Joint Secretary Cili Jerome C

Fine Arts Secretary Janray James

Magazine Editor Shyji V.J.

General Captain Raison Francis

All our students are divided into four houses, Greeshmam, Hemantham, Sisiram and Vasantham for the better coordination and conduct of different activities

Guardian Teacher Association

Unlike other regular degree colleges we have Guardian Teacher Association instead of PTA. The general body of the GTA was held on 5th September 2005 and elected

Shri M.P.Jerome as the president and Mrs. Rosy Joseph as the Vice president. I am happy to note that the GTA had been very co-operative with their suggestions and assistance in the functioning of the college.

Practice Teaching

Most important part of the B Ed course is the practice teaching of the student teachers. They were well prepared with different models of teaching and methods of writing lesson plans and reports. Experts were brought in to take classes so that our students could observe and prepare lessons and reports. Mr Benny Jacob, Mr Madhusudanan C. and Dr Meera took classes on different models of teaching. Our students were sent to the following schools at the end of the first semester for their practice teaching:

1 St Joseph’s H S School, Pavaratty

Christ King Convent Girls High School, Pavaratty

St Sebastian’s High School, Chittatukara

Little Flower Convent H. S. School, Mammiyoor

St Joseph’s High School, Enamavu

M.R.Raman Memorial High School, Chavakad

St John’s High School, Parappur

Government H.S. School, Mullassery

Sree Ramakrishna H.S. School, Puranattukara

Sree Sarada H.S.School, Puranattukara

We are very grateful to these schools that accepted our students as trainee teachers. We request their continued co-operation and support.

The commission members appointed by the University visited the college in the first week of February 2006 and conducted the practical examinations of our students

In-service Programmes for the Teachers

As you know this year we had a revised syllabus for the B Ed Degree course. There was an addition of the fourth general paper on ICT and communicative English. In order to get acquainted with the changes in the syllabus and to be familiar with the developments in the field of education, our faculty members participated in many seminars and workshops. Some of the important ones are the following:

1 UGC sponsored National Seminar on Innovative Techniques to Aid Performance in English as Second Language held at Farook College, Kozhikode

2 University Level Seminar on Curriculum Transaction based on the revised B Ed Curriculum held at NSS Training College, Ottapalam

3 A Seminar on Educational Psychology held at DAM Training College, Chelambra

4 A Workshop on Innovative Strategies in teaching Commerce

5 University level Workshop on Models of Teaching held at KPPM College of Teacher Education, Malappuram

6 A Workshop on Information and Communication Technology in Education held at Teacher Education Centre, Vatakara

7 National Seminar on Achieving Quality in Higher Education through Teacher Professionalism held at Jesus Training College, Mala

Feasts and Celebrations

We celebrated the national and other important feasts with all its solemnity and gaiety. Independence day was celebrated along with the staff and students of the Higher Secondary School. Our trainees presented a patriotic song on that occasion. The Inter house quiz on ‘the Struggle for Independence’ was both entertaining and educative. Onam was celebrated with different traditional competitions and cultural programmes. The onasadya was prepared by the staff and students. The manuscript magazine released on that day was well appreciated by all. Congratulations to Mr Byju Mathew, the staff editor, Shyji V.J. the student editor and all others who worked behind it. It may be noted that they are getting ready with the college annual magazine, which will be published soon.

On the teachers day the students greeted the teachers with flowers. Sri Bharathan Master, the winner of National award, talked to the students enlightening them about the noble profession of a teacher. Christmas was celebrated with carol singing and gift exchange. Different entertaining competitions added colour to the day.

College tour and Field Trip

Tours and picnics are occasions for the teacher trainees to develop community feeling and to get leadership training. They provide occasions for better interactions among themselves and to get training in conducting such tours in their actual school situations. This year we had our college tour to Hydrabad in the month of November 2005. A field trip was arranged for the students of Physical Science, Natural Science and Commerce options. A one-day picnic was also organized by the students themselves.

Community Living Camp

With the revised syllabus new activities were added to the B. Ed course. It was divided into two semesters and one of the important activities of the first semester was the community living camp. All our students and staff stayed together for three days in the month of January 2006.They planned and executed different community activities. They were engaged in many socially useful productive works. Classes by experts were arranged in different subjects. Common meals, games, prayers and other activities helped to develop a feeling of oneness in the students.

Club Activities

Future teachers are to be trained in organizing different activities in their future schools. For this we have two important clubs functioning in our college. The Tourism Club working in collaboration with the District Tourism Promotion Council was inaugurated by Mr Santhosh K.V. the secretary of DTPC. Different activities were organized by the club in order to get first hand knowledge to our students. Dr Shankar, Senior Scientist of Kerala Forest Research Institute enlightened our students on Ecotourism through his class. We welcomed Mrs Mizzi Leinmuller, a German tourist and interacted with her on German life and culture.

Nature club is another club functioning in the college. It had arranged many programmes. The club provided opportunity to the students of college and school to observe the eclipse. The club organized a seminar on Environmental Education by Prof. Ignatius Antony of Dept of Botany, St Thomas College, Thrissur. The exhibition organized by the Nature Club attracted many.

A Quiz competition by the Mathematics option, a class on Child Rights by Mrs Jerlin, were some other important programmes of this year.

Talent Time

We have set apart one hour every week as Talent time. It is the time to bring out the child in our students. It gives opportunity to the trainees to express and exhibit their talents through words, actions, dance and drama. It gives our students some relaxing time in the midst of the busy schedule of semester system.

Annual Sports and Fine Arts Day

Annual sports meet was inaugurated by Mr Khalid, Rtd S.P. The day started with the march past by four different houses. The students participated in different events with healthy competitive spirit. Jince Josepaul and Jency were the individual champions. Certificates and medals were given to the winners.

Two days Arts Festival presented a cultural feast to all. The notable thing is that in both sports and Arts competitions the trainees themselves were the participants and judges, thus giving them training in different aspects of conducting competitions.

Manojkumar K.S. was adjudged as the Kalaprathibha and Sahithyaprathibha.

Shency A. Jose was the Kalathilakam

Web Site of the College

Within a short period of its inception our college has found a place in the World Wide Web. Today our college is accessible from any nook and corner of the world and all her activities are visible to all who visit the site

Three cheers to our friend Bro Geo who designed the web site from Madras and is constantly updating the page from there


The academic year is coming to end and our students are getting ready for their second model exams and the second semester university exams. When I look back I am happy and satisfied. Whatever we have achieved is the result of the collaboration and cooperation of all the faculty and students. First and foremost I express my gratitude to God Almighty who was guiding us all through these days. I am greatly indebted to Rev Fr Jacob Njerinjampilly, the manager who supported and guided us as one among us. I thank my colleagues and students who stood by me in all the activities of the college. I wish all the best to my dear students and pray that come out in flying colours in the ensuing examinations.

Thanking you

Dr K.S. Santhakumri




ST. JOSEPH'S TRAINING COLLEGE Run by the Devamatha province of the CMI congregation, the college is managed by St Thomas Monastery, Pavaratty. The college had its humble beginning on 20th July 2005.


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