Friday, 8 June 2012


Parents/ Guardians do play a very important role in the administration of the training college and for the success of different activities of their wards. The first GTA meeting of the academic year 2009-10 was held on Dec 1st and the following were elected to different posts: 
Prof. John E D              -           President
Annie Roy                    -           Vice President
Freejo K J                    -           Secretary
Jose C P                      -           Joint Secretary
Fr Varghese                  -          Treasurer                              
  Executive Members 
                                              Sr Sneha
                                              Majish P Mani
                                              Mohamed Fazalullah A P
                                              Gissy Sebastian
                                              Bigi Antony



ST. JOSEPH'S TRAINING COLLEGE Run by the Devamatha province of the CMI congregation, the college is managed by St Thomas Monastery, Pavaratty. The college had its humble beginning on 20th July 2005.


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